Why Choose Us?

Reasons that makes us different.

Founders, Advisor and Team

  1. Built the first & fastest biometric technology in Indonesia that’s recognized by NIST
  2. Built the first & largest EKYC in Indonesia
  3. Built The First Certified Digital Signature in Indonesia (Status Berinduk Pertama)
  4. Over 30 years experienced professional in the Financial Service Industry
  5. Experienced and understood the regulation and ecosystem of Financial Service Digital Inclusion
  6. Retired KOMINFO Director

Technical Teams

  1. Years of experience at Microsoft, Motorola, EMC, Analogic, Kaskus, Indomog and Amazon
  2. Years of experience in constructing, & developing big-data-driven systems for the government


  1. GDP Venture
  2. CAKRA Ventures

About Us

DigiData is a technology company engaged in the verification system as known as EKYC sourced from accurate and legally accountable data with a vision to become the number one company in Indonesia as a verification service provider company. We will not stop innovating by continuing to fully support our business partners.

DigiData best Digital Solutions specially
custom-made for you:

Electronic Know Your Customer (EKYC)

Wholistic and all-around Biometric eKYC Verification using government agencies database.

  1. Verify Identity with Biometric
  2. Verify Capacity
  3. Verify Location
  4. Verify Family Info
  5. Verify Phone Number
  6. Verify E-mail
  7. Verify Company
  8. Verify Property
  9. Verify Vehicle
  10. Verify Negative Record
  11. Workplace Information
  12. More Verification to Come

Digital Onboarding

Off-the-shelves and white-label Digital Onboarding solution with OCR, Liveness Detection (Active + Passive or Passive) combined with Biometric eKYC Verification Service.

Liveness Detection

The best, secured and most advanced Liveness Detection available in 2 choices: a combination of Active + Passive or Passive only.


The process of converting images and letters into characters that are recognized by the computer through the required tools.

Digital Signature

We partner with the best Certified Authority (CA) and Digital Signature company in Indonesia to provide a secured, hassle-free and effortless way to sign a digital document securely and legally.

Innovative Credit Score

Scoring Algorithm using a combination of Credit Scoring and Behavior Scoring. The first in Indonesia to combine both.

Visitor Management System

Build the first process of track everyone who enters your building or your office only with ID Card (eKTP). Digidata's Visitor Management System is a new experience for visitors and a perfect solution that you can use to make efficient visitor management.




As the banking industry has evolved especially to Digital Banking, it’s crucial to keep up with today’s latest technology to ensure smooth and secured Digital Onboarding and Digital Lending process.


Multifinance is one of the backbones of Indonesia’s economic development. An increased in better technology advancement to support this industry is essential.  


Fintech industry needs the best technology enabler to support their business real-time and with a high-security measurement to prevent fraud.


E-Commerce is one of the backbones and ecosystem of Indonesia’s digital economy and it needs better technology advancement than ever.


Protect and secure digital transaction in digital onboarding to ensure client’s safety and secure client’s investment.

Service Provider On-Demand

With the proliferation of on-demand businesses, make sure you acquire the right person for smooth business

Human Resources / Headhunter

Do background check on the go to ensure your company is hiring the right employees / candidates.

Technology Solution Company

A lot of technology advancement solutions can be used to increase competitive advantages in this growing market.


With the growing of insurtech in Indonesia’s digital economy, it needs a reliable eKYC system for onboarding new clients and for doing insurance claims.

Digital Asset Trading

With the exponential growth in Digital Asset Trading (Gold, Crypto, etc) verification technology is essential. Protect and secure digital transaction in digital onboarding to ensure client’s safety and secure client’s investment.



What is Liveness Detection ?

Facial liveness detection works with facial recognition to determine if a biometric sample is being captured from a living subject who is present at the point of capture. In essence, a liveness detection mechanism is a security feature developed to mitigate the vulnerability of biometric systems to spoofing attacks or deep fakes.

Why Liveness Detection ?

A facial recognition system cannot ensure the face to recognize is from a live human being and not from a fake presentation. It is easily fooled by “spoofing” and “non-real” faces simply by holding up a photo of a person (whether printed, on a smartphone, etc.) to the face recognition camera.

All-in-one platform for the finance sector that can perform various digital-based financial transactions. Neo Digi provides a new and unique experience because it has technology-based, fast, easy, flexible, and quality service.

Strategic Partnership